Friday, 29 April 2011

Here's a rough version of Detective Shaw's story, it's a bit all over the place but I'll sort it out. Lets get this ooooooon boys!

Easy Money (Chapter 3) – Script – Lawrence Shaw

Shaw’s apartment

Birdseye view shot of detective sat on the end of his bed, leaning over – Fan slightly obscures view

Close up of detectives face, eyes are obscured by a fedora, an unlit cigarette sits between his lips. The detective raises a Zippo lighter and lights his cigarette

Detective Shaw exhales the smoke from his cigarette

There’s nothing like a smoke to remind you you’re still alive

He stands up and walks over to a desk a few feet away from the bed. On the desk is a small stack of bank notes

Easy money is dangerous business, especially when you’re dealing with the mob. I don’t like to get involved with their kind of business but this time was the exception

It all started with a dame, damn I’m a sucker for a fine woman.

Shot of Shaw at his apartment door with a woman facing him through the doorway.

She said she was looking for her brother, didn’t know where he’d got to. Turned out he was with one of the smaller Sicilian gangs who are bootlegging on the West side. I followed a few leads and found him, but that wasn’t the only thing I found.

Shot of Detective Shaw hiding behind some crates in a warehouse. There are trucks in the courtyard and several men are unloading moonshine from the vehicles.

One thing led to another and eventually I was persuaded to part with what I knew

Shot of Shaw at a table in a bar with another man who is sliding money across the table to him in an envelope.

Someone out there is going to be damn pissed when they find out they’ve been set up, by then I’ll be out of town.

Shaw walks to another point of the room with his hands in his pockets.

But that’s not the only run in I’ve had with the mob…

The Bank Robbery - Flashback

Soon after the doors of the train open, Detective Shaw steps out onto the busy platform. He makes his way towards the steps that descend to the street level and as he descends he lights up a cigarette. Shaw walks along the sidewalk with his hands in his pockets, occasionally removing his right hand to take the lit cigarette from between his lips before placing it back again. He takes a turn down a smaller side street and stops to buy a newspaper from a street vender. Shaw continues to walk down the street as he casually flicks through the days paper, he comes to the end of the small street and gunfire catches his attention. Up the street, a group of gangsters are pulling off a bank heist and are making their getaway. Shaw lowers his paper and notices the getaway car heading in his direction, he throws his paper to the ground, reaches inside his coat and draws his .38 Special. The getaway car increases in speed as it continues down the street in the detective’s direction. Shaw steps into the street in front of him and aims his revolver at the speeding car. The first shot penetrates the car’s windscreen on the driver’s side and whistles past the Mob leader’s (Rick ‘Red’ Blane) left ear. The detective quickly readjusts his aim and takes his second shot, this time the bullet hits the passenger (Anna Bacall) on the left side of her collarbone.

Shaw’s apartment

Trying’ to be a damn hero for just a few seconds could’ve got me killed. And I bet that son of a bitch who pulled the heist has got me on his list

Shaw picks up a suitcase from the floor and throws it onto the bed.

I’ve got a train leaving from LaSalle Street in an hour

He opens the case

I’ve got to get out of Chicago, lie low for a while

The telephone rings, Shaw turns to look at the phone before walking over and hesitantly answering it


There’s silence and then the line goes dead, a worried expression appears on Shaw’s face. Shaw hangs up the phone

This can’t be good

He rushes about the room grabbing items and then thrusting them into his suitcase, shirts, trousers, underclothing, and other personal possessions. The detective puts on his trench coat and turns towards his desk

A silent line only means one thing

Shaw opens his desk draw and pulls out a .38 Special, he flicks out the chamber, the weapon is fully loaded.

I’m not taking any risks

He holsters the weapon and grabs his keys from the desk before picking up his case from the bed and heading for the door.

Shaw opens the door and exits closing it behind him. As he pushes the key into the lock a figure appears to his right at the end of the hallway. The figure is dressed in a suit and has a firearm at his side. The detective turns to find another figure at the other end of the hallway dressed similarly also holding a firearm.


  1. I don't know what you meant by saying that is the simple script so far, I really enjoyed reading it! well done, Benj!