Friday, 29 April 2011

Chapter 1 Red

A Gangster story
Chapter 1

Chicago 1932
Barwick Bank
A forward shot of Rick ‘red’ Blaine, holding a gun at the audience in a mid close up shot.
Red: this here is a stick up
An overhead shot of the entire bank, showing all four of the gang members surrounding the bank and having all the bank’s occupants pinned down, with Anna standing close to ‘red’, with the other two members armed with Tommy guns having the whole bank covered.
‘Dint’: Ain’t anybody gonna move here!
‘red’ talking to the clerk: Now! Open up this vault old timer!
The clerk, looking nervous, scrambles for the vault keys and leads ‘Red’ to the vault door.

Whilst ‘Red’ is taking care of the vault, Anna proceeds to the cashier desk with a bag pointing a gun at the clerk in a gesture for him to fill the bag with the money in desk.
Anna: you! Fill it up piker!
The clerk opens the vault door ‘Red’ has a gleam in his eyes seeing all the money. He then beckons over Fred ‘big six’ to fill up the bags with the money.
‘Red’: Excellent work sir, hey! ‘Big six’ get over here we hit the jackpot here
The gangsters become preoccupied with getting all the loot that they overlook the clerk going for the alarm, to which he sets off.
With the alarm going off the gangsters become startled with Fred ‘Big six’ looking at the clerk with contempt at the guy blowing their deal.
‘Big six’: You’re dead meat pal!
‘Big six’ raises his Tommy gun upon the hapless clerk, who is spared by ‘Red’ intervening by pulling his gun down in disarming fashion.
‘Red’: No Fred!
Fred ‘Big six’: But he...!
‘Red’: No we don’t kill civilians even if they are a wet blanket!
The rest of the gangsters regroup and make their exit from the bank.
Anna: Thanks for all your cooperation folks!
‘Red’: c’mon Kitty!
The gang make way to the getaway car which is a 1932 Cadillac V16 Phaeton, which has a body paint of a dark red and black.
Fred: What’s the matter ‘Dint’ nobody home or something?! Or are you just a dumb mule!
‘Dint’: Hey I only got one pair of eyes I can’t see every single tom, dick and Joe in the whole bank at once!
‘Anna’: will you boys dry up till later!
After a quick argument between ‘big six’ and ‘dint’ the gang get in the car, with ‘Red’ in the driver’s seat, and Anna next to him with ‘big six’ and ‘dint’ at the back of the car. They then begin to drive off.
Some people from the bank come out to see their captors escape with the clerk raving to people on the street to stop the car.
Clerk: Stop that car!
Just then a group of pedestrians coincidentally get in the way of the getaway car, and police sirens can be heard coming closer to the bank. ‘Red’ stops the car as he can’t consciously kill innocent people but beeps his horn to get them moving.
The clerk jumps onto the passenger side of the car in an attempt to stop the car.
Clerk: Now I got you, you sorry fools! Now pull over!
At this Anna pulls her gun and shots the clerk square in the face. The clerk’s body falls off and the gunfire and dead body scares the crowd away for the car to get past them. The police cars are now nearly upon the gangsters.
‘Red’: OK guys give ‘em some crossfire!
‘Dint’ and ‘Big six’ load up their guns and get into position of exchange gunfire with the police. The police open fire without any warning on the gangster’s car, and the guys give returning fire. Anna and Rick both look at each other with no fear for their situation and a loving gaze with her reaching out to touch his face. Amidst the gunfire Anna suddenly screams out in pain having been shot in the shoulder. Rick now shocked looks ahead to see Lawrence Shaw shooting at the car. Enraged he swerves the car.
‘Red’: You’re gonna pay for that you Bastard!!!
He drives the car straight at Lawrence who dive’s away from the oncoming car. Angered at missing we wants to try again.
Fred: ‘Red’ get your head in the game here! We still got all of Chicago on our tails we still gotta run!
‘Red’: but...!
Fred: don’t worry I think I can stop the bleeding just drive boss!
‘Red’: I’m gonna get that sonnuva bitch I swear!
The chase continues through the streets gunfire blazing, and they pass an ominous alley (Where Ondrej’s gang are bootlegging).
‘Red’: I got something to put those pigs in the gutter!
The car turns to a short street, with the cops still on pursuit. ‘Red’ deploys the car’s oil slick and then ‘red’ does a sharp turn to exit the street, the cops do the same but loose grip on the oil and they slide into the street and crash into each other. With the pursuers out of action they drive on back to their hideout, with ‘Red’ looking at Anna who is unconscious fears the worst for his love.

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