Friday, 24 June 2011

A new fire burns tonight

Light the stokes and burn the oil, a new project begins today with another comic plan though this will not be a collaborative story like the Fedora comic nor will it be based in 30's Chicago. Rather it is to be set in the Old American West. Though should others on this group wanna do a story that could all be bound into one book one day then go for it, would be cool but I shall press on with my story which I have nearly perfected and should hopefully get a rough and perhaps a script done tomorrow or by Sunday.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Fella's what can I say?

We did good guys! I have to say this has been the best creative experience on this course so far and it has been an outstanding pleasure to have created something with you guys that nobody can ever refuse. Congrats all round!

It's been pimpin'!

Thank you

I'd love to say again: Huuuge thank you, guys, I enjoyed this project big time and I love the final book, looking forward to see it printed in colour and on proper paper tomorrow. Thumbs up for assessment tomorrow!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Tim Sale

Comic book artist Tim Sale, was an appropriate source of inspiration for this project for his monochromatic images and dynamic compositions with his images. He also has a much looser approach to drawing which I found inspiring and incoperated that aspect into the line work of my drawings as I knew I didn't have time to do very tight precise images for this module.

I love the visuals for this game which is presented primarily in a monochromatic black and white tones, using lighting, film grain effectsto create an eerie atmosphere, often associated with horror genre. It's dark presentation is comparable to film noir and German expressionism.

Geoff Grandfield

Geoff Grandfield was perfect to look at an artist that has done work for crime novels. His work incoperates the aesthetics of a film noir visual, with the greys adding a feel of colour through its contrasts with the stark black and white despite their of course being no colour present. Also has a vintage feel with the visual look being somewhat reminiscent of old art deco posters with its bold precise geometric shapes, that being minimalistic convey alot of information with simple characters within a moody composition.