Friday, 29 April 2011

Chapter 1 Red letter/monologue.

Dear ‘Kitty’
I’m scared. I don’t know what to do with my life without you next to me. I’ve been thinking back to the Barwick bank heist, that time we got some old friends to help us out. Fred ‘Big six’ Whalley and Harvey ‘dint’ Egan.
Though I haven’t had any business with them for a few years, they were the most reliable people to get the job done.
And we had that job planned like clockwork, and the whole heist almost went off without a hitch. I guess we were so blind to success that we got careless.
I don’t know it, happened so fast. But you could always keep a cool head in any situation, you who is so strong and fiery. I guess those qualities is what drew me to you, to be around such a woman...
This job was gonna free us from our sins, and no one was gonna stop us. Still I couldn’t help but feel that something underhanded was going behind the works that someone wasn’t being true to us...
All I... all we could think of was the future we wanted, to be free from a life of crime and to be honest folk happily together. But that was never to be...
This one fool shattered that dream with a bullet. I never knew anger like this, to kill a man with such vengeance in my heart. He will not slip away from me, for this Lawrence Shaw is a dead man... yes I know everything about him and were to ask how I know, well let’s just say I rebuffed a ‘dent’.
I must go now, word is he is trying to leave Chicago but I’m gonna make sure he leaves in a pine box!
I will always treasure our time together, you are my light and my world, and don’t you ever fade away.
I will always love you.

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